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July 31, 2009
Wow, I've been a terrible LiveJournalist lately. lol. I've just been so busy and whatnot, so lemme fill you in on what has been going on in my life thus far.

I am writing my fanfic, it's gonna be beasttttt! I can't wait to read it after it's complete, and of course, have Emily review it. (and see the smile on her face when she sees what happens to her in it.) :)

Last week we went to Myrtle Beach, SC. Ahhhmazing! (to say the least) It was a fun, relaxation vacation, just the way I like it. :) I met this really cute guy that worked at the Fun Plaza, and he gave me an extra ticket so I could get what I wanted, how sweet, haha. :) (I like to smile alot, don't judge me! lol) Anyways, he looked alot like the son on the Bill Engvall show, only with brown hair...
So, there were these really hot guys staying at our hotel for the week, even though they left a day before us. :( They were a blast! My family made friends with their family. There were three of them. One looked like Zac Efron with longer, flippy hair, one looked alot like my friend Zack in about three years, and the other (the reallyyyyy cute one) looked like Josh Hutchinson (sp?) or whatever his name is.
Daddy and I went to Satrbucks and got a vanilla bean frappacino and a moca frappacino almost everyday, I loved it. Sitting, aimlessly typing on your laptop about nothing imparticular, staring at he ocean is surprisingly so relaxing and alot of fun. :)

Ohh, food's here, gotta go. I'll be back tomorrow, promise. :)

PS: I've been babysitting my 7-year-old cousin for the past 3 days and this was my final day of babysitting. He has worn me out, lol.  


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